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Lemonade Is Taking Everything You Hate About Insurance and Throwing it Out the Window

Lemonade Is Taking Everything You Hate About Insurance and Throwing it Out the Window

At Stonehenge NYC, we’re all about elevating Manhattan living. Thanks to our excellent amenities and lifestyle events, our fleet of luxury apartment buildings attract some of the trendiest and most hardworking New Yorkers.

From rooftop parties with breathtaking views to live comedy performances, it’s impossible to find yourself bored as a member of the Stonehenge community. We also provide exclusive discounts and services to make the Stonehenge living experience second to none.

Stonehenge NYC is passionate about discovering new and better ways to live in the world’s greatest city. Our unending mission is to make every aspect of our residents’ lives more enjoyable, less frustrating and as easy as possible. For us, that’s what luxury is all about; which is why we love Lemonade.

Lemonade is taking everything you hate about insurance and throwing it out the window.

Their simple, streamlined app hides a surprisingly complex and groundbreaking insurance system. There’s no paperwork to shuffle through, no fine print to strain your eyes on, and, most importantly, no hassle! Simply tell Lemonade’s app where you live, breeze through a few simple questions and choose the policy that works for your life and your wallet.

The folks at Lemonade believe that running an insurance company is less about making big bucks and more about fostering a safe community and promoting peace of mind. Lemonade doesn’t use brokers or salespersons so you pay a straightforward, flat rate with no hidden fees. You’ll easily be able to choose what you want insured and how much you want to pay for it. If you’ve already got home insurance, Lemonade can even help you cancel your old plan.

Lemonade’s flat fee structure allows them to take their vision a step further. Any leftover money from your monthly payment is donated to nonprofits and charities.

This altruistic philosophy is one of many reasons Stonehenge NYC is proud to offer Lemonade to our residents. Lemonade has customized their policies to include Cycle for Survival, a wonderful movement which uses cycling events to raise money in the ongoing battle against rare forms of cancer.

We’re excited about our future with Lemonade. They’re not only reinventing the way we do insurance: They’re changing the course of the whole industry. It’s no longer just about maximizing profits. It’s about creating a better world for everyone. That’s something we can all get behind.

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